The ubank app

An award-winning app experience. Everything you want from a banking app and a few things you never knew you needed.

We’re doing things differently by:

  • Giving customers a better view of their money, by connecting bank accounts from over 140 financial institutions (not just their ubank ones), so they can see their full financial picture
  • Giving them insights into their spending so they can see where
    they can cut back to pay their home loan off faster
  • Alerting them to their upcoming payments such as bills and subscriptions,
    so they don’t get hit with late fees again
  • Giving them a nudge if they’re not on track to earn bonus interest
    (unless they’re using the Save account as an offset account)
  • Allowing them to access their money on the go and make
    extra repayments or redraw from their loan. Whenever, wherever!

And that’s just the beginning!